T.O.M. Winners & OSCAR Recipients

T.O.M. Winners (Thespians Of the Month) and O.S.C.A.R.s! (see description below about Oscars)
Each month, Drama Club members vote on Thespians who have done excellent work.

Throughout the school year, Drama Club members vote on T.O.M. winners ( T hespian O f the M onth). This year, the following students have won T.O.M. awards:

August - Jody Apel & Nathan Zimmerman
September - Bayleigh Hultgren & Brendan Larson
October -
November -
December -
January -
February -
March -
April -

August - Ashley Arnold, Nathan Endreshak
September - Noah Endreshak, Jose Flores
October - Amanda Johnson, Quinn Munk
November - Ben Cooper, Sofie Flores
December - Kyle Dundas, JD Warren
January - Sici DeArvil, Logan Kitchener, Katie Zuercher
February - Nick Salem, Kaylee Warren
March - Alli Schulze, Miranda Urban
April - Brendan Larson, Cameron Munk, Nathan Zimmerman

(Students who are O utstanding, S pectacular, C aring, A dmirable, R espectful.)

A student receives the traveling 'Oscar' statue and can keep it for a week or two - then has the opportunity to pass the award forward to another student.
Amanda Johnson
Daniela Garcia
Petricia Hall
Kaylee Warren
Marlon Hernandez
Mason Leatherman
Leighton Cline
Logan Kitchener
Ashley Arnold