Teachers of the Month

Renaissance Teachers of the Month

 January Lisa Mahler
 December Don Luthi
 November Jeremy Stover
 October Arnold Schmidtberger
September  Trey Crow


Mrs. Mahler

South High School’s January Teacher of the Month is Lisa Mahler.  Mrs. Mahler has taught for nine years, and this is her first year at South High.  She loves getting to know all of her students.  She is drawn to literature and its ability to make human connections across time and space, thus reminding us that we are not alone.  She would like to remind us that although so much of the last few years has been out of control, it is important to teach our kids that through hard work and good choices, they are very much in control of their futures.  Congratulations, Mrs. Mahler!


Mr. Luthi

South High School’s December Teacher of the Month is Don Luthi.  Mr. Luthi has been working in special education for many years, including 10 years in the special education department at South High.  He knew that he wanted the opportunity to inspire and help young people build their self-esteem, believe in themselves, and to learn, regardless of their background or abilities.  He says seeing progress in students’ abilities ALWAYS puts a smile on his face.  He says it has been a wonderful and rewarding privilege to work and build relationships with the students and staff at South High. He would like parents to know that he is here to help support student success.  Students show the most improvement when teachers and parents work together as a team.  Congratulations, Mr. Luthi!


Mr. Stover

South High School’s November Teacher of the Month is Jeremy Stover.  Mr. Stover is in his 19th year of teaching, spending his first four years in Atchison, KS, before coming to USD 305 and now being in his 15th year at South High.  In high school, he was fortunate to have an outstanding social studies teacher who became his inspiration, using an enjoyable teaching style that encouraged him to pursue a degree in education.  He says the Social Studies Department at South High has been teaching together for nearly a decade, and they are not only his colleagues, but some of his closest friends, and they make every day enjoyable as they come to work to educate students.  Mr. Stover teaches many levels of classes, and most students who attend South High will have him as a teacher at some point.  He enjoys getting to know students, building relationships them, and getting to be a part of their growth from freshman to senior year.  He believes, because he has seen it for 15 years, that South High is a special place to teach and learn and truly fosters a culture where every student can achieve success.  Congratulations, Mr. Stover!


Mr. Schmidtberger

South High School’s October Teacher of the Month is Arnold Schmidtberger.  Mr. Schmidtberger is in his 34th year of teaching, and his 3rd year at South High.  He always wanted to be a teacher, as school always brought structure and stability to his life, and then as he got into junior high and high school, his teachers and coaches were very inspiring.  His great college experience encouraged him to continue to pursue a teaching career, and his favorite classes have always been Social Studies and English.  He sees working in the school as a great environment, with every day providing new challenges and opportunities.  Mr. Schmidtberger enjoys watching students succeed as they progress through school and then become successful after high school, seeing their experiences in the classroom and in school activities helping them in their adult lives.  He sees the structure that school brings to a student’s life and sees the importance it has in their personal, academic, and social development, especially as shown by the past 18 months.  He encourages all students to make the most of their education, and regardless of their path after high school, take advantage of their K-12 school years. Congratulations, Mr. Schmidtberger!


Trey Crow

South High School’s September Teacher of the Month is Trey Crow.  Mr. Crow is in his 20th year with USD 305, six at South Middle School and fourteen at South High School.  He chose to become a teacher because he loves helping others and he loves science.  After deciding not to pursue medical school, he had an advisor who guided him into education, where he enjoys being able to bring science to life for students, showing them how everything we do has an impact and they get to choose what that impact will be on the world.  Mr. Crow loves the science department at South High and how they all are willing to help each other out when needed.  He would like to tell parents that right now the world is hurting, but like everything in life, this is but a brief moment; keep persevering, encourage your kids, and know it will get better. Congratulations, Mr. Crow!