Teachers of the Month

2019-2020 Teacher of the Month

November Leah Dykas
October Jamie Smith
September Dawn Sheforgen


Jamie Smith

South High School’s Teacher of the Month is Leah Dykas. She has been teaching a total of 8 years with all of them being at South High where she teaches social studies. Leah says she chose teaching after realizing that pharmacy wasn't her passion like she thought it was. Since she enjoys learning about the past, going to museums and telling people what she has learned, she realized she could make a career out of teaching others. Leah says she enjoys getting to know her students and helping them find what interests them. She also likes challenging herself to learn new information and enjoys her relationships with her co-workers. Leah would like to tell parents to be involved in anyway they can with their student because it means more than they know.


Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith has been teaching for 5 years and this is her first year at South High where she teaches Spanish Level 1. Jamie says she chose teaching as her profession because she loves learning languages, helping people and making a positive impact on students. Jamie says she has formed many positive connections at South High and the teachers are amazing. She also says having an open and supportive dialogue with administration and colleagues really makes working at South High a positive experience. Jamie’s favorite part of teaching is building a rapport with the students because they help her to be a better teacher as well as keeping her days interesting. Jamie’s message to parents and the community is thank you so much for your help. Without the support of the community and parents, teaching would not be the same.


Dawn Sheforgen

Dawn Sheforgen teaches 9th and 10th grade English.  She has taught for 14 years, all of which have been at South High.
Mrs. Sheforgen didn’t originally plan to be a teacher, but after teaching swim lessons many years, she realized that she loved seeing kids have ‘Aha’ moments and begin to do a skill on their own. This same joy comes now in the classroom. She loves seeing students work hard to master a challenging skill and then realize they can now do it independently.
For Mrs. Sheforgen, the best part of school is connecting with different students and staff on a daily basis.  The relationships she has made throughout her career are very fulfilling.
The message she would like to tell parents and/or the community is that success in high school (and life) starts at birth.  Love on your kids, even when they think they are too cool, and start reading to them every night from infancy.